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 We have a 2020 Nocturnal Black Supra incoming!  We are well known in the Scion FRS / Subaru BRZ / GT86 world for our engine swap packages and our 86 drag cars. We have a 2JZ drag FRS that has been 7.57 at 183mph in the quarter mile that we plan to finish out the year with a 6 second pass if everything goes to plan.  We were early adopters of the 86 platform, and we were able to acquire and test as many parts as possible to test fit, dyno test, and review for all of our friends and customers on the forums.  We plan to do just that for this community.  To all the other vendors out there, please contact us for 3rd party testing and wholesaling.  We plan to bring all the newest and best parts together on our new site,  We will dyno test parts, give real world reviews, make videos, and sell only the parts we think are the best! 


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